Tote Bag- Reusable, Folding, Lil Pouch 5 Colors !

A great lil reuseable bag that folds into it's own pouch.  Little hook to clip and carry; never leave home without it!

Perfect for your fiber works, groceries, toys, games, chocolate; just about everything you can carry!

Designed especially for Mimi from ChicoBag! 






Capacity: 25 lbs (One gallon of milk is approximately 7 lbs.)
Dimensions: Bag is 17"w x 15"h. Pouch is 3"w x 4"h (approximately)
Materials: Available in either polyester or rePETe. Both fabrics are durable, washable, and allow for easy stuffing.
Weight: 1.5 oz
Care: Wash cold and hang to dry (fabric softeners should NOT be used in the care of the bag)


Tote Bag- Reusable, Folding, Lil Pouch  5 Colors !
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