SALE on select type ! John James Pebbles Assorted Sewing Needles

John James Pebbles Assorted Types of Needles Beading, Chenille, Household, Tapestry, Knitters, Quilting, Sharps, Darners and Embroidery

How many times have you misplaced your needles to finish a project? With the pebble, your needles have a wonderful little "pebble house" for storage! 

Misty Grey Pebble Chenille Needles 18/22 (6) needles

Vivacious Pink Pebble Household Assortment (12) needles

Soothing Lavendar Pebble Tapestry Needles 18/24 (6) needles

Dreamy Turquoise Pebble Beading Needles 10/12 (4) needles

Heavenly Jade Pebble Knitter's Needles 3 large needles

Primrose Lemon Darner 3/9 (12) needles

Dusty Pink Embroidery 5/10 (16) needles

Cafe au Lait Quilting 3/9 (16) needles

Peppermint Green Sharps 3/9 (16) needles


Always find your needles in their lil pebble! 
Fine Quality Needles in a "Pebble" -The John James Pebbles are designed to store your hand needles safely, making them instantly visible and easily accessible in your sewing box, craft bag, top drawer or even your handbag. Each needle style comes in its own elegant and distinctive color for quick identification.

SALE on select type ! John James Pebbles Assorted Sewing Needles
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